If you are intending to purchase or lease premises then it is beneficial to employ a commercial surveyor at the earliest stage. As professional regulated bodies, RICS Surveyors are best placed to provide advice in all areas of commercial property matters.

The surveyor will know the commercial market and be able to offer you options to suit your requirement or source options on your behalf confidentially. In the current market there are also a number of ‘off-market’ deals taking place because demand is outweighing supply, therefore unless you have made your requirement known you may miss an opportunity.

If you have already identified premises the surveyor can offer guidance on the market value or rent for a property. This is not to say that this is what will be agreed between the parties but you are in the knowledge of what the property value/rent should be if independently valued. In a market where competition is high you may need professional advice to be successful.

On the other side, if you are offering your property either for sale or to let, a commercial surveyor has the knowledge to give qualified recommendations as well as knowing:

  • Market price/rents.
  • The activity in the market.
  • Advise on the best method of sale – open market/formal or informal tender/auction.
  • Active requirements which suit the premises.

A good surveyor who knows the market can assist clients throughout the whole process. Ensuring that they obtain the best result for their situation.

What should you do

  1. We recommend you use the services of a RICS regulated Surveyor or firm of Surveyors. The word ‘surveyor’ can be loosely used so it is recommended they are a qualified surveyor. The RICS website, allows you to check the individual or company https://www.rics.org/uk/find-a-member/
  2. Contact Mounsey Surveyors for a free initial consultation where we will discuss your requirements or how we can help. 01782 202294

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