Property Consultancy

Do you want to unlock the value of your property investment? Our consultancy services help you to make the right moves towards increasing your profit. From navigating changes in the market to making sure you’re in the right location, our advice is tailored to you – whether you’re in the corporate field or an experienced developer.

Corporate property advice

At Mounsey Surveyors, we have developed a niche service. Through advising our corporate occupier clients with regional property assets, liabilities and requirements by providing over-arching advice in relation to their business needs.

With previous corporate property advice ranging from the acquisition of multiple properties, to meet the strategic needs of a client’s business, to undertaking availability searches and reporting on relocation options. In all cases, we offer a breadth of skills and experience to meet the needs of our clients by undertaking a detailed review of a client’s business operations and considering the broader impact of our advice. That can include the wider implications such as economical, cultural and political considerations.

Development consultancy

With an intimate knowledge of Staffordshire’s commercial property markets, Mounsey Surveyors has the experience and market intelligence to advise developers on market conditions, supply levels, value appraisal, build specifications and land acquisitions.

We pride ourselves in building long-lasting relationships with our developer clients, resulting in repeat general practice instructions and a standard of service that goes beyond client expectations.

Schedule of condition

As an occupier of business premises, do you want protection from substantial dilapidations liability at the end of your lease?

A professional Schedule of Condition captures the external and internal condition of a property prior to lease commencement. Equally, at the end of their lease, the Tenant’s repairing and redecoration obligations are clearly outlined. Often representing a significant cost saving against a dilapidations liability that would otherwise have been unaccounted for. Mounsey Surveyors have the expertise to advise occupiers on the implications of the lease covenants that they are committing to, often going beyond our instructions to prepare a Schedule of Condition to provide important acquisition advice to clients and their solicitors.

Business rates

Rating is a specialist valuation competency that represents a significant cost to businesses, whether they lease or own commercial premises. We have a proven track record of protecting the interests of our clients in limiting their exposure to business rates. Our services include the following:

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Corporate Advice
Development Consultancy
Schedule of Condition
Business Rates
Business Rate Appeals
Valuation Office Agency Negotiations
Section 44A Applications
Empty Property Liabilities

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