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As one of the leading engineering companies in Staffordshire, Unilathe offers a complete engineering service from directly micro managing projects to supplying complete components and assemblies.

After a recent purchase of a new premises, Unilathe needed a photographic schedule of condition, including a roof survey to document the current condition of the property.

“We needed a comprehensive survey of our premises and instructed Mounsey Chartered Surveyors having had a good experience of their services previously.”

Philip Simms, Associate Director, Unilathe

It took two days for us to document all areas and review over 2,000 internal and external photographs, due to the 4.3-acre size of the land. We also had to navigate around fitted fixtures, fittings and machinery that masked a few defects and imperfections.

Philip Simms, Associate Director of Unilathe, commented “Christopher Maydew undertook the survey and, together with his colleagues, completed the operation in a timely and completely satisfactory manner.

“The aspects which I would emphasise were Chris’s undoubted professionalism and his attention to communication which meant that we were kept informed every step of the way.”

The level of detail we provide here at Mounsey Chartered Surveyors and our unrivalled expertise within the market, ensured that the client received exactly what they had requested.

Christopher Maydew, Associate Director of Mounsey Chartered Surveyors, managed the project and commented, “The photographic schedule of condition was challenging at times given the sheer size of the premises, weather conditions for the roof survey and the fast turnaround the client pushed for, but I knew given our vast experience and attention to detail that we would be able to provide the client with what they wanted and needed in a timely manner.”

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