Starbots Creative Ltd

45 West Street, Newcastle Under Lyme, St5 1bs

Primary Contact: Richard Mounsey

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In 2018, Mounsey Surveyors was appointed by Starbots Creative, a Newcastle-under-Lyme based creative marketing agency, to provide advice in respect of the company’s relocation requirements.

Starbots Creative was at the end of a 5-year leasehold of a 1,090 sq.ft premises when a business closure in the adjoining property presented an exciting opportunity to relocate. Starbots Creative had enjoyed great organic growth since their beginnings in 2010, and therefore a move to a bigger property seemed a really positive and progressive next step.

The closing company was in the middle of their lease and needed to get out of it early, while growth in Starbots Creative’s business meant that a move to larger premises was required as soon as possible.

Our team was delighted to be part of Starbots Creative’s development and move to a bigger place. We enabled Starbots Creative to focus on running their business with continued success and no disruption to their clients, whilst we began negotiations into a new lease of the adjoining property.

After fully understanding the client‘s current position and their desired outcome, we engaged with the landlord’s representative. During this time we assessed the objectives of the landlord and acted on behalf of our client in negotiating a new contract that was beneficial for all parties.

Along with negotiating an ‘in-line with market value’ rental price, we also successfully negotiated a crossover period of 3 months for Starbots Creative that allowed them to renovate the new premises, rent-free, without vacating their current premises. This was great news for Starbots Creative as they wanted their new business premises to truly reflect their growing brand. Therefore, this crossover period allowed them to achieve this, with minimised costs thanks to our negotiations.

However, the nature of the discussion was complex. It involved us providing wide-ranging advice that encompassed the following key aspects:

  • Highlighting to the landlord that there was a possibility that Starbots Creative would vacate their property in search of larger premises, which could leave the landlord with two unoccupied properties.
  • Advised the client on the impact a move to larger premises could have on their business rates
  • Advised the client that, due to the age of the property, asbestos and electrical reports must be commissioned
  • Provided a schedule of Condition and key works negotiated with the landlord to be undertaken prior to occupation.
  • An aged roof was originally part of the client’s lease responsibilities, we negotiated this point on behalf of our client and the roof was accepted as being the responsibility of the landlord.

Kate Cooper, Managing and Creative Director of Starbots Creative commented on our commission:

“Richard and his team provided detailed and reasoned advice allowing us to make informed decisions throughout the process of our businesses relocation. I’ve used the Mounsey team each time my business has moved and I can’t recommend Richard highly enough.” 

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